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Buy on BZR - Customer FAQs


So what's BZR in a nutshell?

BZR makes it easy for you to enjoy the comforting taste of good, honest cooking with family and friends - made with love by trusted Halal home-based chefs and Muslim-owned independent kitchens and delivered straight to your doorstep. 


The rest of this FAQ is split into three sections as follows:

  1. Overview
  2. Using BZR
  3. Ordering on BZR




Follow these links to download the BZR app:

App Store (iOS) -
Google Play (Android) -


Search using your postal code and desired delivery date and time slot and see who's cooking what at your chosen day/timeslot. Browse your favourites and check out popular kitchens in your area. Adventurous foodies keen on expanding their palettes might use the Explore function to discover a hidden gem or two. With a number of ways to find what you need, you ought to be able to choose a store/chef with a menu that’s just right for your occasion.


When you see something on the menu that you want to order - just tap “Add to Basket”. Read more about the cook and the kitchen and see what’s recommended. You can try changing the date/timeslot on the initial home screen, to see if you prefer the food available on other days/times instead. When you're ready, add just the right dishes to your basket until you’ve got the perfect order.


Review all the deliciousness you've added into your Basket so far and enter any special requests you have for your food/chef, before clicking “Next”. Pick your delivery address, type in any special requests you may have for your delivery, then select which secure payment method to use for this order.


You’ll receive an email confirmation for your order and you can use your BZR app to keep track of the order status, until it reaches your doorstep. Once it arrives - what're you waiting for? Dig in!

Do it all over again

Because enjoying a hearty meal (and maybe sharing some of it if your family/friends are lucky) should always be this simple. *burp*


Using BZR

Who’s cooking the food that I order on BZR?

BZR connects you with the comforting taste of good, honest cooking. To do that, we partner with home-based chefs and independent kitchens alike, as long as they pass the safety checks, have a good track record, and of course - make sedap food worth getting out of bed for.

When can I get food delivered for?

We’re here to feed you everyday. For now, we do that by delivering each day of the week at two time slots daily: 10 AM-1 PM and 7 PM-10 PM. On your chosen delivery date, your order will arrive at your doorstep during the 3-hour time slot that you’ve picked. From time to time, we may open new delivery timeslots and these will be communicated to you in-app or via email.

For the month of Ramadan (ending 24 June 2017), BZR delivers at an additional timeslot daily: 5-7 PM. Orders made for this timeslot wiill arrive at your doorstep in time for you to break your fast. Do note that this special slot is a 2-hour slot.

How will you deliver my order to my delivery address?

Your order will be prepared and packed, picked up from your chef’s home/commercial kitchen, and sent to the delivery address you’ve selected. Our delivery rider will arrive at your doorstep during your chosen 3-hour time slot and will be able to wait a maximum of ten (10) minutes. If nobody is around to receive your order still, our rider will contact you using the contact number you submitted with your order to decide how to proceed.

What payment options are available? How is my payment information secured?

To give you peace of mind, ensure a safer working environment for all our delivery personnel, and minimise any payment disputes arising from human error, we currently only accept card payments (credit and debit inclusive). This way, you transact directly and only with BZR. All payments and sensitive card information are handled securely by our payment gateway – Stripe. You can read more about the security that Stripe uses to protect your information here. BZR does not have access to nor do we keep your credit card information, as we rely on Stripe for that. Saving a card to your account as a payment method does not transmit your card details to BZR. The information is handled by Stripe, end-to-end.

Is there any delivery charge?

In line with ensuring transparency in our charges, we charge for delivery at a flat rate of S$6 per delivery attempt, per standard order.

Re-delivery of a standard order, if arranged successfully, will incur an additional charge of S$6. Standard orders are limited to eight (8) KG in total weight. Orders that are heavier, bulkier, or need special handling may incur an additional fee which we will always indicate first before you make payment.


Is there a minimum order amount applicable?

Orders are subject to a minimum order amount of S$35 each (excluding delivery charge). Orders for a lower total amount may still be accepted, and in such event, that order may be subject to an additional surcharge of S$5. You will be alerted in advance in the event that the surcharge applies to your order. Any changes in the minimum order amount shall be notified to you via email or in-app. 

Can I self-collect my order?

To ensure that your orders are properly handled and sent to you, we rely on a fleet of delivery riders/drivers. In the interest of maintaining quality assurance on your orders, self-collection or self-pickup is not available currently. This is also to protect the privacy of chefs we partner with, as most of them operate out of their kitchens at their own residences.

Can I place orders for same-day delivery?

For now, you can only place your orders in advance on BZR. Generally, Advance Orders have to be placed at least twenty four (24) hours before your desired delivery date and timeslot. Changes to the length of advance notice required for ordering will be notified to you in-app or via email.

Must I create an account to be able to place an order?

While you can use the BZR app to browse, search, and explore what’s cooking (and who), you need to create an account if you want to place an order. Creating an account lets you save information like your delivery addresses, contact details, etc., making your order process smoother the next time round.

Am I able to place orders from multiple kitchens?

If you wish to order from more than one chef, you have to place separate orders for each. We’re not able to, as a default, combine orders and deliveries since our chefs are based all over the island. However, if you would like to request for us to do so, send in a message using the "Contact Us" functionality in-app, and we will attempt to meet your request.

How will my food be packaged?

We work with all our partner chefs to ensure that all food will be delivered suitably packaged to ensure freshness and quality at arrival. Food that requires special handling, for e.g. cakes with frosting, will be in labelled packaging so that you’ll know which is the right side up.

What areas do you deliver to?

Generally, we deliver to all residential zones in Singapore and most commercial ones too. However, to maintain high standards of food safety and freshness, we may not conduct delivery for all foods to your location as the distance between your chef's kitchen and your home may exceed the limit.

What if I am allergic to certain ingredients?

Our cooks are trained and required to identify and highlight if any of the ingredients they have used in a dish is a known allergen. The presence of allergen ingredients is highlighted in the menu itself so that you’ll know before you “Add to Basket” and place your order. If in doubt about the ingredient mix of any product, feel free to send us a message in-app and our team will get in touch with you on your concerns.


Ordering on BZR

Can I place orders at any time of the day?

BZR gives you the convenience of browsing and placing an order whenever you like during the day… or night, if you’re a night owl. After you complete your checkout, the chef will then receive, review, and confirm your order within the next few hours. If you place your order at night - your order confirmation may take a little longer. 

Can I customise my order?

Where customisation is possible for an item, it will be indicated in the menu. If you have a major customisation request, you should first discuss it with the chef using the “Send Message” button on the chef’s page. You should type your requests clearly in your order before you checkout. If the chef cannot meet your request, we will get in touch with you with our suggestions.

All customisation requests need to be considered by our chefs, and they may require more time before confirming your order.

How do I know if my order went through?

If you complete your checkout successfully, the order will now be reflected under “My Orders”, and you can keep track of the progress of your order there. At the same time, you’d receive an email confirmation, with all your order details inside.

How are Pending orders different from Confirmed orders?

While your order is still Pending, you can still cancel it and receive a full refund. Confirmed orders may still be cancelled, subject to a cancellation fee of S$5 that will be deducted from the amount refunded to you.

How do I cancel /amend an order?

To manage your orders, make sure you're logged in to your BZR account, click on the My Account menu icon at the top right, then head to the “My Orders” section. All orders connected to your account will be listed here. Clicking on any particular order in the list will bring you to the Order Details screen where you can manage the various parts of your order. 

Before an order is accepted and marked as “Confirmed” by the cook, you may cancel and receive a full refund without incurring any cancellation charge. If you cancel your order anytime once an order is Confirmed, you will receive a partial refund. Once scheduled delivery is less than twenty four (24) hours away, the order cannot be cancelled.

To change something about an order you’ve already placed (e.g. delivery address), please click “Request Help” on the Order Details screen for assistance.

The status of my order has turned to Suspended and I don’t know why…

An order will be suspended temporarily if there is an issue (e.g. credit card payment issue, etc.) or dispute (e.g. missing items from your order) relating to it that is still under resolution. Stay in touch with our customer service team using My Inbox during the whole process and click "Request Help" to alert us of any concerns you may have.

What if I am not around for delivery?

Your order may arrive at any time during the 3-hour time slot that you have chosen. If you are not able to be at your delivery address to receive your order during your chosen time slot, you should ensure that someone else is there on your behalf. Please inform your representative to expect the delivery so that the delivery can be completed smoothly.

On arrival at your delivery address, our delivery rider will wait for a maximum of 10 minutes to complete the delivery of your order. During this time, he will also contact you using your designated contact number. After this time, we will notify you to confirm if you wish to cancel or to arrange a re-delivery. Re-delivery is not guaranteed and will be on a first come first served basis. Each re-delivery attempt will incur additional delivery charges that we will let you know of beforehand.

What if my order arrives late?

An order is late if the first delivery attempt is made only after your chosen 3-hour time slot has ended (or 2-hour time slot as the case may be). If you experience this, “Request Help” on your Order Details screen to contact our service team and receive assistance. If we become aware of any issue that might cause your order to be late or delayed (e.g. heavy rains), we will get in touch with you immediately.

There's something is wrong with the order I received…

If you experience any of the following, click on “Request Help” on the Order Details screen so that we can assist you:

  1. Your order does not arrive within the arranged time slot
  2. You did not receive the exact item(s) that you’ve ordered
  3. Item(s) from your order are significantly different from described

Please provide some brief details when you submit your request, so that we can give you the best help as quickly as possible. Once we receive your request, we will get in touch with you either in-app or on the phone to solve the issue.

What is your refund policy?

If you cancel your “Pending” order before it is accepted and marked as “Confirmed” by the cook, you will receive a full refund. If you’ve placed an order that is later not accepted or is cancelled by the cook, you will also receive a full refund.

If you cancel your order anytime once it is “Confirmed”, you will receive a refund of the order amount less a cancellation charge of S$5.

Once scheduled delivery is less than twenty four (24) hours away, the order cannot be cancelled nor refunded.

All refunds will be processed within two (2) weeks and will be paid out to you via the same payment method that you used for that order.


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