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Sell on BZR - Merchant FAQs


So what's BZR in a nutshell?

For our culinary talent, BZR gives great chefs like you a mobile app platform that makes it easier to manage your store and daily orders, reach and serve more customers, and grow your halal F&B business.


The rest of this FAQ is divided over three sections as follows:

  1. Overview
  2. Using BZR
  3. Managing your account/store




Download the BZR - Partners mobile app and use it to sign up for an account. Your onboarding process begins when you receive your account confirmation email. Make sure you read through and understand our Terms of Use, Privacy Statement, and BZR’s standards for trust, safety, and quality and our community code of conduct. 

App Store (iOS) -
Google Play (Android) -

Set up

Log on to the BZR - Partners app and start getting your e-kitchen ready for business. Complete your profile info, add dishes to your menu, and set your availablity to take orders. Submit a request to launch your e-kitchen once you’re all set to cook up a storm.


Once you receive approval to activate your store - you can throw your doors open and start serving customers. Use the BZR app to keep track of all your orders. Enjoy the convenience of monitoring payments and payouts. Perfect your menu based on feedback and reviews and become a star.

Do it all over again

Because running your halal F&B small business from the palm of your hand should always be this easy.


Using BZR

Who should join as a chef on BZR?

We’re looking for great chefs who are passionate about what they do, want to contribute to and learn from a community of like-minded halal F&B small business owners, and share our commitment to trust, safety, and quality. You're welcome to sign up with us whether you're a home-based chef or if you run a Muslim-owned independent kitchen. Only thing... sedap food = not negotiable. Unique a definite plus!

What should I expect if I come onboard to cook and sell with BZR?

As a BZR partner, you’re still the boss of your own home business. You can cook and sell what you want, and on your own schedule. BZR handles all the support aspects - including managing payments, customer servicing, and delivery logistics - so that chefs like you can focus on making culinary magic.

How do I sign up to join BZR as a cook/chef?

First steps - download the BZR - Partners mobile app then use it to sign up for an account. Within three (3) days, you’ll receive an email for account registration approval, and during the waiting time, someone from Team BZR will reach out to contact you by phone to have a chat and learn more about you and your cooking. After receiving the email approving your account, you can start on the fun stuff like setting up your e-kitchen, chef profile, menu, etc.

What happens after my account is created?

Step two - set up all the aspects of your store that your customers will see. That includes completing a number of items in your to-do list, like your e-kitchen, chef profile, and menu. During this period, our Trust & Safety team will also be onhand to guide you through the necessary food safety aspects. When you’ve filled all the required info, you can request to open for business by clicking the "Activate" button.

When will I be able to start selling?

Going ‘live’ on BZR and throwing open your doors is step three. Within three (3) days of receiving your activation request, we'll get back to you. We'll either notify you in-app once your store is activated or our team will get in touch with you to lend you any support you might need to spruce your store up pronto.

Once you’re open, only major changes to your e-kitchen/profile (e.g. changing your main banner image) will first need to be submitted for approval before being updated.

Can I use my BZR partner account or BZR - Partners mobile app to buy food on BZR?

If you wish to dine using BZR, you must use the BZR customer app instead of the BZR - Partners app. If you see something you like and wish to place an order, you’ll need to first create a new account using the BZR mobile app. 

App Store (iOS) -
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What if I’m not a qualified or full-time chef, or I don't sell cooked food but I'm a baker instead - can I still join BZR?

Definitely! Whether your food focus on kueh, make only soups, or blend specialty sambal, and whether you do your cooking from home or a commercial kitchen - we’ll have a place for you on BZR. What we want is unique halal food and drink concepts, and a great cook to make it happen behind the scenes. 

Is it legal to sell food prepared at home, through a platform like BZR? 

Under HDB/URA's Home-based Small Scale Business Scheme, as long as you don’t turn your residence into a commercial outlet, home cooks like you are permitted to supplement household income by selling food products prepared at home without needing any special licenses. Therefore, a home chef doesn't need to apply to the NEA for any food-related license, provided that you should always comply with these criteria and observe these recommended guidelines. For more info on the Home-based Small Scale Business Scheme, refer to HDB's brief introduction here.

Do I need any food safety certifications or other licenses/certificates to join BZR?

If you are a home-based cook, It’s not mandatory for you to have a current WSQ Follow Food & Beverage Safety and Hygiene Policies and Procedures certification (or any other specific licence/certificate) to join BZR. However, we require you to undergo the course and be properly certified within three (3) months of opening your store on BZR, and upkeep the certification thereafter. 

For brick and mortar operators, we'd require that you be compliant with applicable laws and regulations relating to food safety/hygiene, as is normally applicable to commercial kitchens like yours. As long as industry regulators like the NEA consider you fit for operations, we're happy to have you sign up with us too.

Must I pay a membership or subscription fee to be a BZR partner? Will I be charged for each product/dish I list to sell on my menu?

You don't have to pay any membership or subscription fees to join us as a BZR partner, or to stay with us thereafter. We also don't charge you for the posting of items on your for sale in your menu. Instead of charging flat fees upfront, BZR keeps the lights on in the office by charging you a service fee for licensing our software for your use and performing all the support services for you. This service fee is calculated as a percentage of the amount of each sale you make. Unless otherwise stated or amended in accordance with our Terms of Use, the prevailing rate for the service fee is twenty five percent (25%). 

Why do we prefer to charge this way? So that we only do well only if you do even better. All other charges (e.g. credit card processing fees, etc.) are charged at cost.

Can I log in on more than one device at the same time using my login/password?

To minimise human error and streamline the account and e-kitchen management process, only one device may be logged into an account at any time.


Managing your account/store

What can I sell on BZR?

Our aim to expand the variety and range available on BZR means that you’re free to sell nearly any kind of food/beverage products, as long as you’ve actually cooked/made it yourself (and you’re not just reselling something already pre-made/cooked elsewhere/by someone else) and your products meet the BZR standards for trust, safety, and quality and the community code of conduct. Of course, if you serve something unique, you'll be a standout choice for your customers.

How should I price my items?

Other than the minimum price rule of S$5.00 for any one line item, we leave it up to you. You control your prices as you know your home business and your customers the best. We encourage you to bundle your products where possible and avoid changing prices too regularly. Let the quality speak for itself.

I need help with taking photos of my items and writing product/store descriptions…

We want you to set up your chef profile and e-kitchen the way you want to. Take the time to get the perfect photo for your dishes and the right words to describe them each. If you’re having trouble with the information required, get in touch with your BZR Butler for a discussion on the optional services our photography & design team can provide.

What should I do if I plan to go on a holiday or take a break for more than just a few days?

You control your schedule, so you can use your Availability Calendar to make sure you don’t take orders for those days you’re on a holiday and those break days when you basically just want to lepak. Just make sure you set your availability in advance and you'll be fine.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of menu items for my e-kitchen?

At any time, you must have a minimum of three (3) active products on your menu - so that customers who visit your store will always see at least three (3) options there. You may of course load more products and activate them, subject to a maximum of one hundred (100) total products that can be stored in your product list.

What happens when a customer places an order?

Customers may only place orders with you on days that you have marked as available to open for orders on your Availability Calendar. After a customer places an order with you, you’ll receive an in-app notification and the order details will also be sent to your email. It's important that you review and confirm the order within two (2) hours. Your customer will be notified of changes and updates to the order (if any) and of changes to the order status. If there are any changes initiated by the customer or that BZR has to put into effect - we'll keep you informed through in-app messaging as well.

What should I do if I can’t meet a customer’s special request/customisation request?

If your customer makes a genuine and reasonable special request for her order that you can’t meet - contact your BZR Butler for assistance. “Request Help” so that our customer service team will be notified and can assess whether they need to reach out to your customer for a discussion, while temporarily suspending the order. Rest assured that we're here to help you put your best foot forward with all your customers.

When should I start preparing and cooking etc. for an order?

You should start preparing and cooking an order while being mindful of the need for the food to arrive fresh at its destination - so don’t start cooking too early. Products that can be pre-made/prepared prior may be prepared reasonably ahead of time (e.g. baked goods meant for consumption over time like cookies). Preparation time and duration are some of the key info that you would have entered when adding a product to your menu.

How do I pack and package the order items?

When putting your menu together, you would have needed to indicate the food type. Based on your choices there, certain labelling, handling, or packaging requirements would be generated for that product. Where present, these requirements will be highlighted to you in the detailed view of every order. Make sure you utilise the correct packaging for each order item, before packing the order into one (or more) combined packages.

How will the order be picked up from me and sent out to the customer?

Our delivery riders/drivers will pick up the order from you at the doorstep of your pickup address. For any order, you must be ready for order pick up from as early as one (1) hour before the start time of the delivery time slot (e.g. pick up for orders to be delivered from 10 AM-1 PM starts from 9 AM). The delivery rider will then be in charge of completing delivery of your customer’s order.

What should I do if I cannot fulfil an order at the last minute?

In the event where, after an order is Confirmed and especially within twenty four (24) hours of its scheduled delivery, you find that you can no longer fulfil the order in full - "Request Help" immediately so that our customer service team can get in touch with your customer. If the order then needs to be Cancelled, you may be charged a penalty fee.

When will I receive payouts for my sales?

To protect both you and your customer, we collect full payment from a customer when he places an order and pay you in full only after the order has been fulfilled. In most cases, a portion of the order amount will be paid out to you if you have 'Confirmed' the order received. The rest of the amount due will accumulate together with the balance amounts for other orders received in that month. The total sum accumulated will then be paid out to you in a lump sum at the end of each month.

Earnings for orders that are Confirmed automatically instead of in-app by you will accumulate and be paid out in full as part of the monthly lump sum.

How are payouts made from BZR to me?

All payouts are made via FAST or GIRO bank transfers. To see which bank account details BZR has on record, go to “My Profile”.


(Last updated 09 June 2017)

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