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Enjoying good, honest cooking should always be this easy.

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Grow your kitchen and scale your business your own way

Stay in charge of your menu, e-kitchen and availability

Protect your earnings, receive regular payouts

Get hassle-free customer support any day from your BZR Butler

About BZR

BZR is a marketplace community built around our common love (and need) for good food, built to make a difference to a yet underserved part of the F&B industry - Muslim owned and halal small kitchens and home-based businesses, and built for the folks in our community - which includes you!

Through the BZR mobile app and our supporting delivery framework, we make it easy for you to search for, explore, order, and enjoy good, honest food from trusted home chefs and independent Muslim-owned kitchens in the community. For the culinary talent, BZR strives to mitigate the structural challenges that impair your success today, including inefficiencies of selling through social media and lack of bargaining power against delivery service providers.

BZR endeavours to bring greater convenience to our partners and their customers alike. BZR is more than just a mobile app or a service - it's a solution that inspires a sense confidence in and to the community, that engenders service quality and customer responsibility, and that is actually designed with community in mind.

Why is it so difficult to enjoy any variety in food delivery for halal food?" It was early 2015 and this question had been nagging at us for long enough to be more than just a passing frustration. We ended up pooling our observations and half-serious ideas and started speaking to others beyond our usual circles. Doing so then led to an introduction to the other side of the coin - a growing number of Muslim-owned independent kitchens and home-based small scale businesses unable to serve an increasing tide of demand. Everyone just 'had to made do' with the way buying and selling worked because there was no superior alternative. Of course, we ended up asking ourselves: why don't we make an alternative?

Armed with a dream that we could solve a very real problem and the determination to make a difference to both sides of the marketplace, the four of us started serious work on unpacking the problem. One year, one baby boy, four co-founders, seven focus groups, 29 meetings, 33 Google Drive gigabytes, and countless sleepless nights later, we showcased Version 1.0 of the solution we worked hard to tailor make to you and for you. Since then, we've continued to put our heads together to make sure we solve your problem the right way.

The BZR mobile apps are the realisation of the first part of our vision. Through the one-stop-shop platform, BZR aims at creating a generation of empowered cooks and empowered customers and a digital commune for easy eating every day.

Food safety is our priority. BZR is committed towards ensuring that the food served out of our partners’ kitchens are safe for consumption. We tell our partner chefs to live by the motto that guides us in this aspect - to make sure never to serve food that you wouldn't feed your own family at home.

Home chefs onboard with us but who are not yet equipped with the basic food handling course certification are required to do so within three months of starting operations. As part of our Trust & Safety program, we remain proactive in the process to make it easy for our partners to sign up for, attend, and complete the food handling course and to maintain their qualification. Brick and mortar establishments selling through BZR will continue to be subject to the governmental regulatory regime, which we in turn monitor to ensure our brick and mortar partners are in compliance at all material times.

Food safety and hygiene is an important section of our knowledge bank - the BZR Academy. Once fully in place, the Trust & Safety program will feature both a penalty system (based on our internal rules and terms of service) and a rewards system (based on our code of conduct) as we believe in incentivising correct behaviours whilst proscribing others. As a customer, you are also encouraged to surface any complaints relating to food safety and hygiene to our Trust & Safety team. Use the Contact Us function in-app to reach your BZR Butler anytime, if you have concerns over food safety or other issues.


MEET: Burger Mak Mona

Kak Azimah and Abang Munz, the duo behind Burger Mak Mona, have no regrets about starting small, and starting from home in the early days of Burger Mak Mona. Operating out of their laughter-filled kitchen all this while allowed them to keep the business

- Kak Azimah,

Join Kak Azimah and Abang Munz other passionate chefs like them.

  • Who cooks the food that I order on BZR?

    BZR brings you good food, great taste, and honest cooking. To do that, we partner with home-based chefs and Muslim-owned independent kitchens alike, as long as they pass the safety checks, have a good track record, and of course - make sedap, Halal food worth getting out of bed for.

  • What days and times can I get food delivered for?

    We’re here to feed you good food everyday. For now, we do that by delivering each day of the week at two time slots daily: 10 AM-1 PM and 7 PM-10 PM. On your chosen delivery date, your order will arrive at your doorstep during the 3-hour time slot that you’ve picked. From time to time, we may open new delivery timeslots and we’ll let you know about them in-app or via email.

    For the month of Ramadan (ending 24 June 2017), BZR delivers at an additional timeslot daily: 5-7 PM. Orders made for this timeslot will arrive at your doorstep in time for you to break your fast. Do note that this special slot is a 2-hour slot.

  • Can I place orders for same-day delivery?

    For now, you can only place your orders in advance on BZR. Generally, Advance Orders have to be placed at least twenty four (24) hours before the delivery date and timeslot you want.

  • Is there any delivery charge?

    We keep it simple, affordable, and transparent. For delivery, you’ll be charged at a flat rate of S$6 per delivery attempt, per standard order.

    Re-delivery of a standard order, if arranged successfully, will incur an additional charge of S$6. Standard orders are limited to eight (8) KG in total weight. Orders that are heavier, bulkier, or need special handling may incur an additional fee which we will always indicate first before you make payment.

  • Is there a minimum order amount applicable?

    Orders are subject to a minimum order amount of S$35 each (excluding delivery charge). Orders for a lower total amount may still be accepted, and in such event, that order may be subject to an additional surcharge of S$5. You will be alerted in advance in the event that the surcharge applies to your order. Any changes in the minimum order amount shall be notified to you via email or in-app.

  • Who should join as a chef to cook and sell on BZR?

    We’re looking for great chefs who are passionate about what they do, want to contribute to and learn from a community of like-minded halal F&B small business owners, and share our commitment to trust, safety, and quality. You're welcome to sign up with us whether you're a home-based chef or if you run a Muslim-owned independent kitchen, cafe, etc. Only thing... sedap, Halal food = not negotiable. Unique a definite plus!

  • What advantages do I get from joining and selling through BZR?

    As a BZR partner, you’re still the boss of your own business. You can cook and sell what you want, and on your own schedule. BZR handles all the support aspects - including managing payments, customer servicing, and delivery logistics - so that chefs like you can focus on making culinary magic.

  • How do I sign up to join BZR as a cook/chef?

    First step - download the BZR - Partners mobile app then use it to sign up for an account. Within three (3) days, you’ll receive an email for account registration approval, and during the waiting time, someone from Team BZR will reach out to contact you by phone to have a chat and learn more about you and your cooking. After receiving the email approving your account, you can start on the fun stuff like setting up your e-kitchen, chef profile, menu, etc.

  • What happens after my account is created?

    Step two - set up all the aspects of your store that your customers will see. That includes completing a number of items in your to-do list, like your e-kitchen, chef profile, and menu. During this period, our Trust & Safety team will also be on hand to guide you through the necessary food safety aspects. When you’ve filled all the required info, you can request to open for business by clicking the "Activate" button.

  • When will I be able to start selling?

    Step three - Going ‘live’ on BZR. We’ll get back to you within three (3) days of receiving your activation request. We'll either notify you in-app once your store is activated or our team will get in touch with you to lend you any support you might need to spruce your store up pronto.

    Once you’re open, only major changes to your e-kitchen/profile (e.g. changing your main banner image) will first need to be submitted for approval before being updated.

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We are a team of eclectic individuals who shared for a passion for traditional/ethnic food. Above all, we believe that good, honest food is a social thread that weaves our community together. Together with the passionate home cooks and great independent kitchens that we partner with, BZR is committed to bringing the best halal deliciousness that our little sunny island has to offer straight to your doorstep. We aim to elevate your collective cooking and dining experiences, and in so doing we hope to engage, inspire, and grow the fledgling BZR community to chefs and the hungry tummies ever in search of shiok makan.

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